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Masters of Information Technology (Extension) graduate from University of Technology Sydney, awarded as MIT in Internetworking – me, Rubaiyat, is aimed to be part of a culture that values integrity, innovation, motivation and collaboration and my interested areas are Computer Network and Systems Engineering, Front End Development, Software Testing, ICT Security, Business/System Analysis.

I am proactive and result oriented.


I am Rubaiyat

About Me

Hi, I am Md Rubaiyat Bin Sattar (Ru-bai-att Bin Sat-tar). Few nick names of mine include Ru-bai /  Ruby / Md / Sattar / Ben / Rangan.   Those who know me usually refer me as a hardworking, quick learner, self-motivated, loyal, diligent, proactive and result oriented individual.

I thoroughly enjoy the technical challenges of problem solving and I am keen to apply my knowledge and key skills gained through both university study and practical experience, particularly with regard to the Computer Network and Systems Engineering and management.



2015 – University of Technology Sydney(UTS) – M.Sc. IT

2013 – American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) – CCNA

2011 – North South University ( NSU) – BSc (Hons)  in Computer Engineering


Phone: +880-1714 242408

E-mail: [email protected]


Highlighted Achievements

UTS: Engineering and Information Technology Scholarship

Achieved Scholarship for obtaining  high marks among International Post Graduate students. UTS: Engineering and Information Technology faculty offers six scholarships to high achieving International Students. UTS: Top-ranked young university in Australia and it’s Information Technology course is ranked within #51-100 in world.

“High achieving international student – 2014”

UTS achievement Scholarship Rubaiyat

Cisco Networking Academy NetRiders competitions

Earned State Champion title and third place in the Australasia  CCNA NetRiders Competition 2014. Cisco NetRiders competitions utilize Cisco’s Web technologies to create an interactive networking skills contest that enhances classroom learning, unites students from across the world & promotes further technology education & training. 

“CCNA NetRiders – 3rd Place in Australia – 2014 “


Practicums and Industrial Experiences - 2015

Software Tester - Suncorp Group

● Responsibilities : Testing web application to deliver an optimized, error free and user friendly web page.

●Skill Developed : Testing skills including Functional, Compatibility, Risk-Based, Scenario base, Boundary value analysis & Equivalence partitioning testing, Regression testing, A/B testing.

“Achieved Marks – 91%”

Requirement Quality Analysis - NSW Office of State Revenue

●Responsibilities : Propose a methodology or a tool to reduce the mismatch between the business requirements and the technical specifications so that the IT area can deliver the expected outcome.

●Skill Developed : COBIT 5, Project Management, requirement quality analysis

“Achieved Marks – 87%”

Research Papers / Publications

M.Sc Research Paper2015

Title – “A Survey of current practices in  software product line engineering”
MSc Research conducted under supervision of Professor Didar Zowghi .

└──►Software product line (SPL) is the inventive method for creating software applications from a set of common shared features. SPL looks at software intensive systems as a whole and develop them by boosting the scale of reuse of platforms and mass customization. Due to the architectural complexity of SPL and inter-dependency of core assets, companies have dealt with heaps of problem when a simple change in requirements has been logged. This research seeks contemporary industry practices for dealing with variability management challenges. In order to achieve that, a survey is presented targeting SPL professional.

● Online Survey link –

M.Sc Research Paper2014

Title – “Dealing with the challenges of introducing IPv6 in Universities”

MSc research conducted under supervision of Dr. Hooman Homayounfard .

└──►This research focuses on the implementation, security and training challenges of implementing the IPv6 protocol in a university environment. The aim of the research is to drive IPv6 adoption at the university, to meet the wider goal of increasing IPv6 exposure and adoption rates. The research methods used is a combination of quantitative approach, surveys and literature reviews to achieve the research goals.

B.Sc Research Paper 2011

Title – “An Adaptive Approach for Video Streaming and Evaluation over Bluetooth Network”
BSc Research conducted under supervision of  Assistant Professor Nova Ahmed and Professor Miftahur Rahman.

└──►This research provides a simulation based procedure for evaluating video streaming over Bluetooth v2.1 + Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) and Bluetooth v3 + High Speed (HS) specification. For more realistic simulation of audio video transmission over Bluetooth network two mechanisms have been proposed. These mechanisms can be applied over upcoming Bluetooth specification and in more advanced Bluetooth streaming research. Proposed mechanisms compare Bluetooth EDR and HS with different video formats in Standard Piconet (1 master 7 slaves) topology and show the extraordinary performance of Bluetooth HS system. In large scale, streaming application of Bluetooth will bring enormous success in monitoring system.

└──►This paper appeared in Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing (WiCOM) 2012, 8th International Conference in Shanghai, China. ISSN: 2161-9646 | Print ISBN: 978-1-61284-684-2. Digital Object Identifier (DOI): 10.1109/WiCOM.2012.6478392

√ IEEE Link –
√ Google Scholar Profile –

►  Conference held on on 22 September, 2012 ◄


Highlighted Academic Projects - M.SC (2014-2015)


Created Cellular Automata “Demon” in C# .NET. The requirement was clean coding practice, so that it can be reused. Functionality was taken care while maintaining the design and style. Project URL:



Designed and Configured complex Network Topology in WANs and VLANs course at University with real equipment in a short time.  Big Image:

Network Topology Design and Simulation - CCNA -wans and vlans

Perl Program to extract data from a file

Created a simple Perl program in Unix System Programming subject. The Objective was to read a file and extract the information. Big Image:

Unix System Programming - File Management

Research project on Digital Surveillance - Australia

While surveillance can be seen as a useful tool for prevention of terrorism and crime, un-targeted mass surveillance carries with it a number of drawback. The purpose of this research project was to propose possible recommendation in order to minimize drawback.

Digital Surveillance - Australia

Mobile Commerce Application Design( Prototype )

Get The Recommendation application investigates specific products review, feedback , comments, price information from internet and display a succinct result . This application will save time for those who
do internet searching before buying product. Project URL :

Mobile Application Prototype

ShellShock and Malware Forensics - Digital Forensic

Conducted forensic analysis on linux machine for malware. The analysis was covered the life cycle of the attack, from installation through to operation and finally the removal of the malware. Finally, recommendations and best business practices was suggested to avoid future malware attacks.

Digital Forensic Malware Analysis

Independent CourseWork

Rubaiyat's Independent Course Work

Independent CourseWork from and– AWS, Windows Server 2012, VMware vSphere & NSX, Network Troubleshooting, Kali Linux, Ethical Hacking, CompTIA Network+, Juniper JNCIA-Junos, CCNA Data Center, Fiber Optic, Google Analytic, HTML5, CSS3, JS : Bootstrap

Skills and Experiences

Employability Skills

⇒ Ability to apply academic knowledge and concepts to practical situations : Demonstrated  through my masters group projects and through work as an Intern in a ISP company and Front End Developer .

  • Teamwork & Collaboration Skills : Worked across different ages, gender, race and demonstrated proactive behaviour while being respectful on others perspective.
  • Time Management Skill : Succeeded in managing time by planning task weeks ahead, maintaining diary, prioritizing the task according to difficulty and importance level and by being flexible and adaptable
  • Problem Solving Skill: Improved the productivity of a weak team by creating ground rules, group progress report and by encouraging team members on achieving each successful milestone.
  • Initiative: Discovered new bugs in web application by appending Risk Base Testing approach in existing test strategy despite discouragement from team members. Finally, recognized as team leader by team members because of the successful testing and achieving high marks in this particular assignment.


“Skills That I Care and Follow”


Key Skills

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap85%

Perl, PHP, MySQL and C# .NET65%

Google SEO, Analytic,Webmaster, Tag Manager, AdWords90%

Manual Software Testing and Auto: Selenium IDE 90%

Wordpress, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Proto io 85%

Visual Studio, Wireshark, Packet Tracer, GNS3 85%


Kali Linux, Windows Server 2012, Windows (XP, Vista, 7) 85%

Digital Forensic Skill, Penetration testing, CCNA Security 80%


CCNA: Cisco Routers, Switches, WLAN routers configuration100%


Juniper Devices configuration (JNCIA level) 70%

Network Trouble- shooting ( Layer 1,2,3) 85%


ISO standard (9001, 14001, 4801, 31000), COBIT 5 Framework 80%

Web Programmer AnalystJuly 2016 - Present

Company Name :  SapphireOne Pty Ltd [ Sydney, Australia ]

● In Progress :
└──►Acquiring knowledge of ERP, CRM, Accounting, Payroll, Assents, Inventory Management system.
└──►Learning SapphireOne software suite and Sapphire WebPack
└──►Revamping whole website with modern look and clean design
└──► Collaborating with co workers in order to present effective information for website
└──►Deciding appropriate technologies and languages for developing web application
└──►Optimizing and speeding up web application performance
└──►Testing new features thoroughly to ensure they perform correct tasks in all cases

Front End Developer and SEO SpecialistDec 2014 - March 2016

Company Name :  The Tender Team [ Sydney, Australia ]

Responsibilities : Web sites development, making them appear in Google organic search result by using specific keywords (ex. tender writing services). Primary Domain: | Also, Web sites development for Other Business Partner – Tsaks Group (tsaks engineering and tsaks car transport) url : and | Study and Work in Australia :
Yes2Study –

Accomplishment  :

  • Combined the knowledge of web technologies & my design aesthetic to develop highly usable interfaces; created graphics related with articles, designed logo, info graphics via Photoshop.
  • Migrated old sites to WordPress Genesis framework ( executive pro, enterprise pro theme).
  • Restructured the theme, created custom widget using the knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, php.
  • Wrote clean, semantic,scalable HTML5 and CSS3 code; Applied bootstrap & css-preprocessor.
  • Implemented best practice for responsive webDesign, mobileView, cross-browser compatibility.
  • Followed Google SEO starter guide in order to make the site SEO friendly.
  • Integrated Google analytics, webmaster, tag manager with sites, practiced java script knowledge.
  • Performed penetration testing, dealt with performance issues, comment spam.
  • ⇒ Currently ‘The Tender Team’ is in Google Front Page for key word “tender writing services”

Achievements: Boosted business and earned client’s satisfaction. Client has given  Linkedin  recommendation.

Private TutorAugust 2014 - Present

Company Name :  University of Technology Sydney [ Sydney, Australia ]

Private tutoring for  University of Technology Sydney (UTS) masters subjects including : –
32524-Lans and Routing, 32521 – WANS and VLANS, 32547 UNIX Systems Programming, 32118-Mobile Communication and Computing, 32548-Network Security, 32144-Technology Research Preparation, 3254 -Project Management and 32998 – .NET Application development

● Registered in UTS Peer Tutoring Program
● Personal sites for advertising tutoring services-
# CCNA tutorial:
# UTS Subject Tutoring :
# Student VIP :
Achievements: Received 100% positive feedback from the students. And, almost all of my students earned above 70% marks in the subjects that I taught them.

Trainee in customer support department in an ISP CompanyDec 2013 - Feb 2014

Company Name :  Link3 Technologies Ltd. [ Dhaka, Bangladesh]

Responsibilities: Analyzing, Installing, testing, configuring and maintaining new, upgraded networks, troubleshooting network problems & serving customers.
Accomplishment  :

Fixed Bank and ATM link interruption problem (includes : ONU change or firmware upgrade/power problem/ UTP loose or not/ identifying physical link problem; Fiber Laser check).
● Figured out VPN connection problem.
● Monitored network traffic for different protocols, IP & Port.
● Configured Various WLAN routers, detected problems which encompasses proper set up, installation, ISM band and channel allocation in complex environment.
Participated in troubleshooting clients LAN problem (includes : broadcasting in LAN, UTP cable loose, Fiber link down issues, Laser problem, Connector change, IP networking, loop identifying in client side LAN etc).
Configured  basic VoIP phone settings  for clients.
● Completed customer requests via Remedy trouble ticketing system; Onsite and phone support.
● Worked closely with  Network Engineer and engaged in the migration, basic configuration and rollout of new or upgraded hardware

Skill Developed: Networking skill, Customer services and multitasking skills.
● Achievement : Received Full-time employment offer. But as I had to commence my master degree at UTS that’s why I moved to Australia.

Web DesignerJuly 2010 - Dec 2013

Company Name : Upwork, formerly Elance-oDesk [Online]

Responsibilities: Social media marketing ( Facebook fan page, Twitter, Youtube), designing & developing Facebook Fan-Gate Iframe tab, dynamic & static websites design, creating animations.
Profile link | Collection of works #
● Achievement : Confirmed 5 star rating in almost all of the projects.

Computer Engineer (Part Time)May 2012 - Apr 2013

Company Name :  Elite Power technology [ Dhaka, Bangladesh ]

Responsibilities: Testing computer-based hardware and software; maintaining computer network system, integrating software programs.
● Achievement : Earned Certificate of Employment.

Web Developer (Part Time)Jan 2012 - Nov 2012

Company Name : Tech Domain  [ Dhaka, Bangladesh ]

Responsibilities: Developing  and maintaining websites,  creating flash animations, Graphics Designing, sites updating & general office duties.
● Achievement : Earned Certificate of Service.

Personal Research AssistantMay 2011 - Dec 2011

Company Name :  North South University & IRays Teknology Ltd. [ Dhaka, Bangladesh ]

Served as a personal research assistant to my B.Sc Research project Co-Supervisor Professor Miftahur Rahman. Work is listed here –

Personal Note

To Whom It May Concern

I have very strong background in CCNA which encompasses optimised routing, security solutions (optimised access control list – ACL, firewall, IPsec VPNs), troubleshooting network problem. I was State Champion (NSW) in CCNA NetRiders Challenge 2014 and 3rd in Australia, New Zealand & pacific islands. While I was studying at UTS I was a registered peer tutor for networking subjects and involved in private tutoring; almost all my students earned above 70% marks in the subjects that I taught them. On the other hand, if you search for ‘IPV6 Subnetting‘ at YouTube then you will find my channel ‘okzbd‘ in top 5 with over 150 thousands of views and 800 subscribers.

Before commencing M.Sc in IT at UTS, I completed internship program in Link3 Technologies Ltd as a Trainee in customer support department where my role was analyzing, Installing, testing, configuring and maintaining new, upgraded networks, troubleshooting network problems & serving customers. Configuring various WLAN routers, problem detection, proper set up, installation, ISM band and channel allocation in complex environment was my routine tasks. Link3 Technologies Limited is Nationwide Internet, Intranet and IP telephony Solution & Service provider in Bangladesh. I received full time employment offer while working as Trainee in Link3 but as I had to commence my master degree at UTS that’s why I moved to Australia.

Being curious and passionate about the networking field and the new technologies, I did some independent coursework from online namely and CBTnuggets . Those courses are Amazon Web Services Essential Training, Windows Server 2012, VMware vSphere & NSX, Network Troubleshooting, Kali Linux, Ethical Hacking, CompTIA Network+, Juniper JNCIA-Junos, CCNA Data Center, CCNA SecurityFiber Optic, Google Analytic, HTML5, CSS3, JS : Bootstrap .

I also have experience in webmastering as a freelancer, software testing (at Suncorp Group) and requirement quality analyzing ( at Office of State Revenue).

I have pretty long experience in developing websites and bachelor degree was in computer engineering. I am  well acquainted with WordPress, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Bootstrap, Photoshop, Jquery, php, MySQL, Perl and C# .NET. I have experiences in setting up web sites in both Linux Cpanel Hosting Plan and Windows Server. In addition, I can set up web hosting using Amazon Web Service.  I am comfortable in working with both Windows and Linux platform.

I have extensive knowledge of web designs and I understand how they affect SEO.  In December 2014, I undertook a web site project named ‘The Tender Team’ (, to make it appear in Google Front Page. WordPress and SEO friendly Genesis framework were used to build the tender team website and for content management  which includes Articles, Web Copy, Power Pages, Info graphics management and on-site optimization, Google SEO starter guide were carefully considered. For building Online reputation ( off-page optimisation) various strategies were taken care which includes social media marketing, search engine submission, cross-linking, Local Listings & Yellow Pages and others. Currently The Tender Team is in Google front page in Australia for key word “tender writing services”. However, with other key word “mining tender writing”, now it is ranked #1 by defeating the primary competitor.

I also have experience analysing market trends to determine the best way to advertise. I employ a multi-pronged approach that involves competitor analysis via various kinds of tools like Side-by-Side SEO Comparison Tool, screaming frog and pre-advertising analysis such as keyword research, metadata research, the creation of unique and relevant content, link acquisition and in depth analysis using Google Analytics, Google webmaster and Google Adwords. These strategies have enabled me to develop effective SEO campaigns which encompasses Setup,   execute and  campaigns.

I have developed full-stack web developer capabilities including a wide range of front end skills through professional roles and online courses. I have solid knowledge in Digital marketing, SEO and I understand how web developing affect SEO, particularly website optimization and boosting site performance.  Currently, I am working as a Web Programmer Analyst for an ERP Accounting software company, alongside other software developers, project managers, and designers. Some of the landing pages I have designed for my current company, which is built on top of WordPress, has scored 10 out of 10 on Google AdWords and Bing Ads. In addition, I have brought a large number of leads for this company.  With over five years’ experience of developing websites, I thrive to meet clients’ needs. I am proud to say that I have crafted many aesthetically pleasing and effective web solutions for those who I have designed for.

As part of university course I did software testing (at Suncorp Group) and requirement quality analysing ( at Office of State Revenue) . While doing software testing at SunCrop I experienced agile software testing environment and practiced defect management , issue management, risk management and for the reporting purpose JIRA was used. In Addition, various testing including Functional, Compatibility, Risk-Based, Scenario base, Boundary value analysis, Equivalence partitioning, A/B testing were practiced during manual testing and SELENIUM IDE was used for automation testing. During software testing at Suncorp Group, I worked closely with Subject Matter Expert (SME), Business Analyst and Developing team.

I was introduced with IT governance framework (COBIT5) & practiced project management skill at Office of State Revenue(OSR) where I had to map the existing problem into COBIT5 framework in order minimise the mismatch between business & IT requirement.

Achieving above distinction average marks ( 81%, GPA 3.50 out of 4, where UTS IT course is ranked within #51-100 in world) over the course of my studies; along with work experience, demonstrates that I am hardworking, quick learner, self-motivated, proactive and result oriented. I thoroughly enjoy the technical challenges of problem solving and I am keen to apply my knowledge and key skills gained through both university study and practical experience. You can rely on me to meet every deadline and ensure my work lives up to your clients’ expectations.

I have a very strong commitment to my work. Summary of highlighted achievements –
i) UTS Achievement Scholarship for International Postgraduate students: IT
ii) CCNA NetRiders Challenge 2014 – State champion – 3rd Place in Australia & New Zealand.
iii) Earned above distinction average mark (81%) with  GPA 3.50/4 in Master Degree.
iv) Job : Always achieve Clients Satisfaction by boosting business growth


Thank you for your time and attention. I can be reached either through my portfolio or by email at [email protected] or by phone on +8801714242408 signing-off

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Apart from my computer life, I am keenly interested in traveling, walking. > Check it out < . I also love cricket; I am a all rounder in cricket; I can do both fast bowl and spin bowl. When I do fast bowl, I follow style of Glenn McGrath and when I do spin , I follow shane warne . During batting time, I am Brendon mccullum.  😀

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